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Welcome to Indy Pickleball Club. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, you'll find what you need here!


If you are interested in joining the Indy Pickleball Club, click on Membership page to see our club benefits.

For information about locations and play times in and around the Indy area, be sure to check out the Places to Play page.

For club goals please check out our About page.

Our Main Goal:
Let's work together to build a dedicated Pickleball facility with 16 indoor courts by 2023.


We are excited to officially be a 501c3!

Indy Pickleball Club Hat.jpeg

Usually ships in 10-12 business days

Unisex Bucket Hat


Indy Pickleball Club Bag.jpg

Usually ships in 10-12 business days

Nike Performance Dark Grey/Military Blue Backpack


Indy Pickleball Club 1/4 Zip.jpg

Usually ships in 10-12 business days

Ladies Competitor 1/4-Zip Pullover


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