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Indy Pickleball Club named one of Fair Square’s 13 Best Ways to Stay Active in Indianapolis

Group of individuals playing pickleball on courts, surrounded by trees, on a blue sky, sunny day.
Pickleball Courts at Lee Road Park in Indianapolis

The Indy Pickleball Club is proud to share that it was named one of the "13 Best Ways to Stay Active in Indianapolis!"

Fair Square Medicare recently published a list of the best ways to stay active, and pickleball made the list (we're not surprised by this at all!)

Here's the full snippet mentioning pickleball and the Indy Pickleball Club:

"It’s not just for young people or seniors; Pickleball is taking the country by storm. Indy Pickleball Club is a fantastic starting point for individuals of all ages, whether novice or seasoned players, who want to stay in shape and meet new people through the hugely popular sport of pickleball. With their comprehensive training and support, you can embark on your pickleball journey and start enjoying this exciting sport."

You can read the full article from Fair Square Medicare here.



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