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Indy Pickleball Club volunteers needed!

Hey Indy Pickleball Club! Happy official start to spring!

The Indy Pickleball Club has several events coming up in the next few months that we are actively looking for volunteers to help run. The two big events we are needing volunteers for at this time are the Wheelchair Pickleball event on May 21 and the Corporate Challenge on July 19.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at If you have friends who may be interested, please pass this along to them as well!

More info on Wheelchair Pickleball:

Indy Pickleball Club and Fishers Parks are co-hosting Wheelchair Pickleball for FREE instruction and practice, thanks to our friends at Baird! From 5-7 we will learn the different wheelchair rules and some strategy and get some practice/games in!

Wheelchair pickleball is the game of pickleball where one or more players on the pickleball court are in a wheelchair. Different rules, same fun game for all to play!

Best suited for ages 10 and up (kids with a family member).

What to bring - bring some water to drink, your own wheelchair, and if you have a paddle, bring that. Balls and a few paddles will be available to borrow onsite.



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